Planning a New Year's Eve party can be almost as much fun as the party itself, especially for those who have hot tubs. Why not use yours as you ring in the New Year? Here, you will learn how to plan for your party and prevent embarrassing problems with your hot tub on the big night.

Plan the Party

Invitations: As you invite your closest friends to join you for the celebration, be sure to inform them that it is planned to be a hot tub party. This will help them prepare for the party. Include a starting time and request that the guests bring a swimsuit.

Food: You do not really want people to be eating food in your hot tub, but you can provide a nice spread of snacks to feed your guests when they are not in the hot tub. Remember to keep any special dietary needs or preferences in mind as you plan the menu.

Music: Remember that the hot tub can be relatively noisy, so you will need music that is loud enough to be heard over it, but not so loud that it disturbs your neighbors. Talk with your neighbors about your party and ask if they will have a problem with music at a certain time. They may request that the music be turned down after the strike of midnight, but in most cases, neighbors are pretty understanding on a night such as New Year's Eve.

Drinks: You likely want to have champagne and/or a non-alcoholic drink to pop open at midnight. Keep your guests' preferences in mind as you purchase the drinks. There will likely be a few people attending that are the designated drivers for the night and will avoid drinking alcohol.

Warmth: Many areas around the country are quite cold on New Year's Eve. Because of this, you have to provide your guests with a place to warm up after they get out of the hot tub. Consider an outdoor propane heater or fire pit so guests can remain outside even after getting out of the hot tub or if they choose not to use the hot tub at all.

Prepare the Hot Tub

You want to avoid having issues with the hot tub the night of the party. A couple of days before the party, run your hot tub with the jets on high. Watch for foaming water, listen for noisy equipment, and test the temperature.

Foaming water – If your hot tub is creating foam in the water, check the pH levels and add the necessary chemicals to balance them. This will clear up the water and help to prevent any rashes that could occur from imbalanced levels in your water.

Noisy equipment – If the equipment does not sound right, call for service immediately. This is likely a sign that something is in need of repair that could easily interrupt your party if not repaired beforehand.

Cool temperatures – If the water temp is too low, try turning it up. If that does not work, call for service. The fix could be something as simple as replacing the thermostat.

Your New Year's Eve party will be a hit if you plan and prepare for it properly. Start planning and preparing now so you can enjoy bringing in the New Year in style.