Fire is the central point of civilization, and a fireplace is the incarnation of that historical fact. Fireplaces were once a home's main heat source, which is still true in some houses. Even if your fireplace is meant to be more decorative than utilitarian, choose a creative design for this home centerpiece.

Rustic Stone

You can never go wrong with the classics, and when it comes to fireplaces, rustic stone is a classic. Stone fireplaces speak to curling up in your cabin on a cold winter's night – even if it's located in a California beach house. To keep a stone fireplace from overpowering the rest of your room's design, include an added design feature above the mantle, such as a mirror, painting or even television.

Warm Brick

If you don't automatically think of stone when it comes to fireplaces, brick is probably in your mind's eye. A brick fireplace can fit into any room design with the proper accoutrements, according to Better Homes and Gardens. For instance, the clean lines of a traditional room are enhanced by a white mantle surrounding white-mortared bricks. Alternatively, place a geometric set of mirrors over the fireplace for a more modern appeal.

Bold Slate

For a fireplace that makes a bold addition to your room, consider a tall slate concoction. The black slate should reach from floor to ceiling. Add elegance with a natural wooden mantle. Such a fireplace becomes even more appealing according to the decoration you hang above the mantle. For instance, a geometric painting in shades of red gives the room an Art Deco appeal. However, a flat screen television lends a more modern ambiance.

Mosaic Tiles

Tiles are an attractive but relatively unusual material for fireplaces. However, selecting a mosaic of glass tiles creates a shimmering, jeweled centerpiece in your room. Look for glass tiles in analogous colors, such as shades of blue and turquoise. Have the tile laid in a simple geometric pattern or in a meandering ombré palette.

Elevated Fire

Remember when it felt surprising to see televisions mounted onto a wall? An elevated fireplace offers the same startling appeal. Have a stainless steel gas fireplace mounted directly into your wall at eye level. Surround the sleek steel with natural stone to soften the lines, or go for broke with a boldly painted wall.

Mixed Media

Create a fireplace wall by mixing media in the design. Start with a natural stone or slate fireplace that features a triad of colors. Draw one of those colors out into nearby shelving. Another of the colors should be pulled into banquet seating in the corner. Finish with a painting that pulls all the colors – and the room – together for a cohesive design.

Plan a creative fireplace that serves as the focal point of your room. Choose the material, whether classic or creative, and add the accoutrements that showcase your domesticated fire, from a company like Village Fireplace.