Changing from one decade into the next is always a cause to celebrate. Just because you are leaving your 20s behind does not mean that you need to leave the fun behind as well. Keep the party rolling with these great outdoor fun 30th birthday party ideas.

Giant Inflatable Twister

Growing up, just about everyone ends up playing Twister at least once. It is a childhood party staple game, and one that gets increasingly funny as you get older.

Celebrate the child inside of yourself and your friends by renting a giant inflatable twister board. It's kind of like playing twister on a giant air mattress – it adds another level of fun and difficulty to the game. Plus, when you get too twisted up and fall down, it is an easy landing.

Giant Slide

Who said slides were just for kids? You can rent a giant inflatable slide that accommodates adults for your party. Kids should not be the only ones who get to enjoy the feeling of going down a slide. Get in touch with your fun kid roots as you enter your 30s with a giant inflatable slide.

Bungee Run

If you and your friends are the competitive types, rent a bungee run. A bungee run has two "runs". Each person puts on a special vest that is attached to a bungee cord. Then the fun begins! Everyone can cheer on the two competitors as they try to outrun their bungee cord and place their sticky marker the furthest. This is a fun and silly game where you can celebrate your competitive spirit at your 30th birthday party.

Climbing Wall

If you are an adventurous type, you can rent a climbing wall for your birthday. You challenge all of your friends and family to try out something new. Just because you're 30 now doesn't mean you should stop trying out new things.


With all this outdoor fun, you need to keep your guest nourished. One of the easiest and tastiest ways to feed a large group of people outside is with some great BBQ food. You can serve up hot dogs, hamburgers and veggie burgers. You can also offer a few different sides, such as a fruit salad, spinach salad, coleslaw and some baked beans.

Since this a party for fun adults, you can also serve up some tasty drinks, such as:

Just because you are 30 now doesn't mean your birthday parties have to be formal, stuffy, inside deals. Celebrate the first 30 years of your life by remembering and embracing having fun and being silly. Splurge on a giant inflatable twister board, bungee run, slide or climbing wall from companies that offer things like moonwalk rentals to add some extra fun to your outside 30th birthday party. Top off your party with some great BBQ food and drinks.