Did your kitchen sink suddenly become filled with water that won't drain out? You can get a plumber to come to your home to inspect the drain and plumbing system to determine what is causing the problem. Below, learn what may have caused your kitchen sink to fill up with water and what a plumber can do about it.

What Can Cause a Kitchen Sink to Fill Up with Water Through the Drain?

One of the common reasons a kitchen sink may fill up with water is from there being something stuck in the drain. If you are in the habit of disposing of cooking oil by pouring it down the drain, it may be why your kitchen sink is clogged up. The oil cools and becomes thick and accumulates after some time, which causes water to not drain out of the sink. However, if water got in the sink by coming up through the drain, it can mean that there is a problem with the main sewer line.

There are numerous reasons that can cause a main sewer line to become backed up, including an accumulation of debris, limescale and dead animal carcasses. Busted sewer lines can also lead to the plumbing system backing up. Busted sewer lines are caused by soil falling into the cracks of the sewer line and blocking the flow of wastewater. The wastewater is then routed back to your home and can come up through drains.

What Can a Plumber Do About Water Sitting in a Kitchen Sink?

The first thing a plumber will do is inspect your kitchen sink by removing the drain cover and looking for debris. He or she will also inspect the pipes that are directly under the kitchen sink. If any debris is present, the plumber will remove it manually or by using a commercial plumbing snake. If there is nothing trapped in the drain or pipes under the sink, the sewer line will be inspected.

Plumbers often inspect sewer lines by using cameras that can travel through the pipes to capture images. The images are then viewable on a monitor. If the sewer line is clogged up, it will be snaked or pumped. If the sewer line is damaged and cracked, you may need a new one. Fixing the main sewer line should solve the problem with water sitting in the kitchen sink. Make sure a plumber is called promptly if you don't want the water in the sink to get old and cause a foul odor in your home.