When you expect guests to arrive at your home, you want to give them the royal treatment. You don't want them leaving unhappy and not wanting to ever return. Whether it is friends coming by for a quick visit or family coming over to spend the holidays together, it is important that you treat them with the utmost care and respect. Being mindful of how they feel when they are visiting is important. Here are some tips to help make your guests feel welcomed that maybe you haven't thought of already. 

Lower the Temperature

When it comes to a house full of people, the house can get warm quickly. You may want to lower your thermostat a few degrees to prepare for the extra warmth. You may also be doing extra cooking since you have more guests. Using the oven and stove can add heat to the home. If you have someone who is cold natured, make sure to leave a few blankets around so that everyone remains comfortable while in your home. 

Check the Water Heater

One of the worst things your guest can encounter while staying at your home is a lack of hot water when they go to shower. Make sure your water heater has enough hot water to handle everyone or work together to set up a showering schedule so there is enough to go around. Calling your HVAC dealer to perform preventative maintenance on it can be a good thing to do before it gets used so much. Your guests will be delighted that you planned ahead for their arrival. 

Program Your Thermostat

The last thing you will be thinking about is what temperature you have your thermostat set on. At night, the higher levels can get warmer causing your guests to toss and turn while sleeping. You don't want your guests to get too hot at night who are sleeping on the upper levels. To avoid this, you can keep it cooler in the home and provide plenty of bedding to ensure everyone has what they need. If you have two different systems, it may be a good idea to have your HVAC dealer balance the two systems for a more comfortable home. 

When it comes to welcoming your guests to your home, your HVAC dealer can help in many ways. By performing preventative maintenance on your heating system, water heater, and more, you can ensure everything is running properly and your home remains comfortable while your guests are there.