Many homeowners do a major overhaul with full-force cleaning on their home during the spring. While it is a great time to clean the home, spring is also the perfect time to upgrade your flooring to something more sophisticated, elegant and affordable. Whether it is hardwood, laminate or any other type of flooring, you may want to consider these four looks that offer something for almost every taste:

Go Gray for Elegance…

Gray is quickly becoming a new color trend. Over the last year or two, gray has become a very fashionable choice for home accessories, furnishings and walls. So, why not use it for your flooring, too? Gray has an understated elegance to it that works well in coastal and casual settings. It is particularly beautiful in modern homes to add a classic touch. Gray flooring, whether a deep charcoal or silver brown, will provide your home with a fresh look that is timeless yet suitable for almost any style.

…Or Go Bold and Vibrant to Showcase Your Fiery Personality.

It may be true that gray is a popular color for homeowners to choose as their flooring, but bold flooring hues, such as vibrant red, are also impressive in the home. This type of flooring adds a good contrast to a room, especially when it is showcasing furniture or cabinetry. Vibrant and bold flooring is the perfect way to make your home décor really pop without causing too much distraction. It allows you to really bring your personal style to life.

Go Distressed for the Perfect Touch of Sophistication.

While the color of the flooring is important to consider, you shouldn't forget the texture of the floor as well since it makes as much of an impact as the shade. Whether you are aiming for modern charm or traditional rustic, distressed flooring is a great way to get the look that you are after. There are many styles that create a very unique and time-worn allure thanks to the subtle aging and weathering of the flooring, including wire brushed, hand scraped as well as French bleed.

Go Wide for More Character.

Wide plank flooring has a historical nature to it, so it works well in older homes. However, it also has a fresh style to it that makes it a good choice for homeowners with modern homes. Due to their larger width, wide planks add a lot more character to any space, regardless of the setting style. It has an eclectic beauty like very few other types of flooring.

When you are considering hardwood or laminate flooring for your home, there are many things that you have to think about. To ensure that you get the type of flooring that matches your current style, décor and personal taste, it is recommended to speak to a professional seller or installer of various flooring options before taking the plunge.