If you've had a portion of your wooden or PVC livestock fence destroyed from an auto accident, storm, or other sudden event, you may be at a loss when it comes to keeping your livestock contained until you can have your fence repaired. Although you may be able to rig up an interim fence to help your livestock remain safe while you decide what to do, this may not be a good option until you can have your fence professionally repaired. Read on to learn more about what you should do after noticing your fence has been damaged, as well as your best options to keep your fenced area secure until repairs can be performed.

What should you do immediately upon noticing damage to your fence? 

In some cases, you may not realize your fence has been damaged until you receive a phone call from a neighbor to inform you that your livestock is out in the road or roaming through neighboring lawns. However, if you beat your animals to the punch, you should have a much easier time performing emergency fence repair while not having to wrangle livestock throughout this process. 

Your primary objective should be protecting your animals by ensuring they aren't able to escape through the hole in the fence. This can be temporarily accomplished by placing a barricade -- anything from a vehicle to boards stacked on cinder blocks -- between the undamaged portions of fence. You'll then need to contact a contractor who can repair your fence to like-new condition.

What is your best short-term fencing fix?

Often, particularly if your fence is damaged during the height of construction season, you may find yourself facing a weeks-long wait before you can have your fence flawlessly repaired by a professional. This can mean that your short-term fix will need to be as durable and reliable as an undamaged fence, unless you want to make daily repairs to ensure it's still sturdy.

Your best option is usually to rent temporary fencing. This fencing is just as high-quality as your regular fencing, but is available at a relatively low cost and can be securely attached to your existing fence in a way that will prevent both unauthorized entry and exit. If you've placed a temporary fix but know that you won't be able to get in touch with your contractor for a day or two, temporary fence rental may provide you with the peace of mind you need.