If you are getting ready to upgrade the windows in your home, or if you are building a new home, when it comes to window materials, you have two choices. The two primary materials used to build and construct windows are vinyl and fiberglass. Both materials make solid windows; they type of material and window you go with really depends on your needs and where you live.


Fiberglass windows are made from tiny glass fibers that are combined together under high temperatures to make sheets of glass.

Vinyl windows are made from the chemical polyvinyl chloride, which is more commonly known as PVC. PVC contains a combination of different pigments, plastics and chemicals. The PVC is compressed under high temperatures into sheets of glass.


One of the first aspects that many people take into consideration when looking at windows is how much insulation the windows will provide.

Windows made out of vinyl tend to offer high levels of insulation. Vinyl windows are designed with pockets of air in between the layers. These air pockets strengthen and thicken the glass. They help keep the outside air from entering your home. Vinyl windows how have insulation ratings.

Windows made out of fiberglass are not designed the same way. They tend to be thick and sturdy; however, they don't keep air from entering your home in the same way that vinyl windows do.


Vinyl windows are strong enough to withstand normal weather events. However, when severe weather strikes, vinyl windows can easily break and need to be protected with storm shutters.

On the other hand, one of the biggest advantages of fiberglass windows are how strong they are. The way the fiberglass is bonded together makes it really difficult to crack a fiberglass window. They can withstand severe weather, strong winds, and even projectiles running into them.

Temperature Reactant

Vinyl windows respond to their environment. Under extremely hot or cold temperatures, the window itself can warp and change shape over time. Under extremely hot temperatures, such as those one would encounter in a fire, vinyl windows are more likely to explode or catch on fire.

Fiberglass windows are not as affected by changes in temperature or by extreme temperature like vinyl windows are. They can also withstand higher levels of heat without catching on fire or becoming compromised.

Both fiberglass and vinyl windows are strong quality products; it really depends on what you are looking for. Vinyl windows are best known for providing a high level of insulation. Fiberglass windows are best known for being extremely strong and being capable of withstanding severe weather. They type of window you choose depends on your needs and where you live. 

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