Winter isn't exactly the time of the year when you think about your pool. However, if you want to ensure your pool is in good condition once the warm season approaches, it might be a good idea to consider some pool deck maintenance.

Winter Trouble

The harsh and frigid temperatures of winter aren't just uncomfortable--they can also cause a considerable amount of damage to your pool's concrete deck. Although concrete is highly durable, during the winter, concrete can go through a process known as a freeze-thaw cycle.

As the temperature drops, any moisture on the concrete will cause it to freeze, which in turn causes it to expand. As the temperature rises, it thaws out, causing it to constrict. This constant rotation of expansion and constriction eventually leads to cracking.  

The Danger Of Cracking

You might be thinking that a crack in your pool is only a cosmetic flaw, but a crack is a repair concern that requires your immediate attention. The danger of winter is that cracks formed during this type of weather will only get worse, rapidly. A small crack at the start of the winter season can easily turn into a major crack by the end of the winter as it continues to cycle through the freeze-thaw process.

If you fail to repair the crack, you will have a number of issues during the upcoming pool season and for years to come. The major problem is that a crack provides an opening for moisture to escape from the pool. Once moisture gets under the surface of the pool deck, this can cause the concrete to warp or crumble, which poses a safety threat to anyone using the pool.

What You Need To Do

While you can't control the weather, you can control the level of damage the winter weather has on your concrete pool deck. As a pool owner, your most important asset is a paving contractor. A paving contractor specializes in repairs involving asphalt, concrete, masonry and other materials. Unlike some other materials, concrete can be repaired during the winter.

At the first sign of a crack, call on one of these professionals to analyze any cracks in the pool deck and quickly make the necessary repairs to prevent any further damage to your pool or property.

Performing simple repairs in the winter can save you a considerable amount of money in repair costs and ensure your pool is plunge-ready once pool season begins.