Keeping your parking lot in good repair is one way to make your business more attractive to customers. Keeping the lot free from cracks and potholes can prevent damage to customer vehicles, and keeping the asphalt looking great can increase the curb appeal of your business. Here are just a few ways to maintain your parking lot.

Avoid Salt

If your business is located in an area that sees a lot of harsh winter weather, you'll need to make sure that ice and snow don't make driving conditions hazardous. While it may be tempting to use salt to melt ice, it can cause your asphalt to weather and crack prematurely. Instead of salt, opt for sand to provide friction on slick driving surfaces. Make sure that you have the lot plowed regularly to prevent a buildup of snow and ice, and have your plowing crew put down sand after every pass of the lot. This will ensure safe driving conditions without causing damage to the lot.

Ensure Proper Drainage

Improper drainage in your parking lot can lead to pools of water that collect after rain and snow storms, and the prolonged exposure to wet conditions may weaken the pavement in your parking lot. They can also cause slip and fall hazards, particularly in the winter when pooled water freezes. If you notice large puddles in your parking lot, you may have a drainage issue. Your asphalt contractor can work with you to create additional drainage points in the parking lot to allow water to flow away from your pavement's surface. This might include drains along the curbs in your lot, or it could include storm drains placed strategically throughout the lot.

Sealcoating And Crack Repair

You can have your entire parking lot sealcoated to keep your asphalt in good repair, and you can also have your asphalt contractors seal any cracks that form in your pavement as you notice them. Sealing cracks right away can prevent them from becoming potholes, and it keeps your lot looking great throughout the year.

Parking Lot Striping

Parking lot striping makes your lanes and parking spaces easy to see. If your parking lot sees a lot of traffic every day, your striping may fade quickly. You can have a striping specialist repaint your parking lot periodically to keep the lines looking fresh and clearly visible. Be sure to have handicapped parking spots repainted as well to make it easy for disabled customers to find parking to fit their needs. If you have your lot sealcoated, you'll need to have the spaces restriped, as the sealcoating will cover up your old parking lot stripes.

Keeping your parking lot looking great is just one way to keep your business looking clean and professional. Work with an asphalt contractor like Stripe A Lot to handle regular sealcoating and crack repair, and be sure to have your maintenance crew regularly clean the lot to keep it tidy for your customers.