Skid steers are already a very useful and versatile piece of farm equipment. Most farmers use them for everything from clearing snow to gently prodding a cow to get back up on her feet. If you have a skid steer or you are thinking about investing in one for your farm, here are three skid steer blades that can help you farm better.

Hip Lift Swivel

Many a farmer has used a skid steer to gently scoop up a downed cow and get her to stand again. A standing cow is a cow that will survive, while a downed cow is almost assuredly a dead cow. One farmer in particular invented a special skid steer "blade" that is a cow lift. The arm of this accessory attaches to your skid steer just like any other accessory does. On the end of the arm, there is a hip grip tool that grabs onto a cow's hindquarters just under the hip bones. Then your skid steer lifts up the cow, forcing her back onto her feet where circulation to the cow's legs can be restored. As an added bonus, this little accessory can also swivel a cow's hips such that she has to get up and move in the direction of the swiveling hip lift.

Auger Bits

From time to time, you may need an auger bit for your skid steer. These bits can drill through ice to provide drinking water for your herd, or re-drill post holes for your fences when the old posts and holes begin to fail. You can find several differently-sized auger bits in the same place you find skid steer blades for sale.

Multipurpose Skid Steer Flip Blades

Another marvel of the engineering sort as well as the perfect skid steer accessory, the multipurpose flip blade can complete just about any farming task. These blades, once attached, can act as bulldozers, graders, levelers, backhoes and even trenchers. It only takes the push of a button to lift these blades, flip them forward, backward, down or tilted and you have a blade that can do almost any task your plows or combines can do. An example of such a blade is the Tobin Skidsteer Flip Blade. While you may not use this machinery and accessory to clear your "back forty," it sure does work well in a pinch when your much larger equipment is currently out of commission.