If you want to redo your kitchen countertops and replace them with natural stone countertops, but you also have some rambunctious youngsters in the house, you may be wondering what kind of stone will work. (After all, marble and granite are high-maintenance countertops, and with kids who might set hot pans on them or use cutting instruments directly on the countertops, you do not want that.) There are some very kid-friendly stone countertops that will provide a nice change to your kitchen and allow your kids to be kids.


The natural stone best suited to households with kids is slate. Previously used to make blackboards and chalkboards for schools, slate is now used to make countertops. What this means for you is that if your kids paint and draw on it (presumably when you are not looking!), the slate will come clean easily. If the kids put a hot pan directly on the counter's surface, it will not be marred because slate is heat-resistant. If you want the countertop to double as a message board, guess what? You can use acid-free chalk and an eraser on the countertop.


Although soapstone is very soft and can be scratched with a cutting knife, it only takes a little mineral oil to buff out light scratches. If your kids put bigger cuts into the soapstone counter, a little light sanding with sandpaper is all that is needed to restore it. The best feature that soapstone has to offer a house with kids is the fact that it is non-porous, which means that cup of red punch or grape juice will not sink into the stone countertop or discolor it. Other foods and drinks that have a tendency to stain other types of stone have no effect on soapstone. It cleans easily and well with a damp rag and a mild detergent when needed.


Quartzite is true quartz stone that is harvested in one continuous slab at a time. It is then cut to fit your kitchen and polished to a smooth surface. It resists scratches, breaking and heat scarring (all good things in a house with children) and comes in a variety of colors and natural patterns. Depending on the color and patterning of the quartzite you choose, you could get new countertops that look like more expensive marble or granite, but without the issues that marble and granite have. Visit http://empiremarblegranite.com for more information.