When you're concerned about the condition of your sewer pipeline, it's important to have it thoroughly inspected. Since most of these lines run underground, inspection can be somewhat challenging, though. Small cracks can be difficult to spot with the small camera systems that some plumbers use, and since small cracks can quickly progress to big problems, catching them early is important. For a clear perspective on your pipes, why not consider something like radiographic inspection? Here are a few reasons to call a professional with radiographic inspection capability. 


Radiographic pipe inspections allow you to monitor pipes in real-time when necessary because these systems use sensors that communicate with the testing system. Since this type of inspection relies on small remote transmitters released into the pipes, you can even inspect areas that are more remote or hard to access through any other means. This makes radiographic inspection more versatile than testing with other non-invasive testing like ultrasonic methods.


Unlike the early radiographic systems that used heavy plates and film, the latest technology relies on a series of digital sensors. The sensors are usually more sensitive to radiation, minimizing the amount of radiation required to get the images that you need. This means the contractors can get the images needed to inspect the pipes without excessive radiation exposure.

These systems also allow for digital imaging. The digital image makes it easier to interpret test results quickly and easily because the images will be transmitted directly to the computer system in almost real-time. If you're looking to get answers quickly without having to wait for the contractors to develop and assess the film, this may be the way to go.


Because the newest radiographic testing allows for digital imaging, it also means that there's greater capability for analysis of the results. Digital images can be enhanced, enlarged and edited in ways that radiographic film never could. This ensures that even the smallest flaws in the pipe system will be visible. In addition, contractors can remove digital noise and even adjust for color.  

When you're concerned about the integrity of your sewer pipeline, there's no margin for error in the inspections. With the tips presented here, you can understand why working with a radiographic inspection service is beneficial. Reach out to a local contractor (such as one from Royal-T-Rooter Service) today to see if you can schedule a full inspection of your system today. He or she can help you find the source of whatever trouble you're experiencing.