Electrical fires are a high concern for homeowners because electricity is used in every home and electricity is complicated. The wiring and the actual appliance itself could be the reason your home sets on fire. It's important to know what the common problems are so that you can avoid it. Here are four of the most common reasons an electrical fire is started:

  1. Faulty Wiring: Faulty wiring needs to be replaced. If a wire is frayed or extremely worn down, you should not use whatever appliance it is connected to because there is a high chance of starting a fire. It's important to check the wiring to all appliances every once in a while. If you notice problems, hire an electrician to replace the wires. You can also hire an electrician to come and do an inspection every once in a while to check for these things for you. This way, they can replace the wiring on the same day. 
  2. Removing the Ground Plug: Some homeowners will remove the ground plug of an appliance because they want to run the appliance through an outlet that doesn't have a third prong. The problem with this is that the reason an appliance has three prongs is so that it can be plugged into an outlet that is able to handle the electricity it requires. When you remove the ground plug, the appliance is going to become overheated, which is a potential cause of a fire.
  3. Old Wiring: If you live in an older home, you need to hire an electrician to inspect the wiring in your home. There is a chance that this wiring is outdated and needs to be replaced. If the outdated wiring is not replaced, it won't be able to handle the number of appliances that are used nowadays. The wiring will then become overworked, which can lead to an electrical fire. 
  4. Using the Wrong Size Wattage: When you replace lightbulbs in your home, you need to be sure that you are replacing the bulbs with the right size wattage. If you choose a wattage that is too high, it can cause an electrical fire. If you aren't sure what wattage you need, it's best to take the advice of an electrician to ensure that you are choosing the best lightbulb possible. 

When you know these four common reason electrical fires are started, you can be sure that you take the right precautions in your own home. For more information, contact a company like Lowry Services: Electric, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling.