Keeping your supply of plumbing parts well stocked is essential if you want your plumbing business to get a reputation for efficiency. If you have what you and your workers need, then they don't have to ask customers to wait a day while a supply store backorders various parts. But in addition to typical plumbing supplies and tools, you also need to keep some extra items in stock, too. These simple items will make your company seem more prepared and much easier to deal with, especially if you have customers who have had bad experiences with other plumbers in the past.

Rags, Rags, Rags

From drying hands to drying floors, rags are a necessary part of plumbing supplies. Always keep more than you think you need at the ready. Have your workers carry an ample supply when they go out to work on a job, too. The rags obviously have their practical purposes. But if one of your workers is trying to fix something at a home where the homeowner has had to deal with problem plumbers before, the mere presence of the rags could make things go more smoothly.

For example, if a homeowner has had experiences where other plumbers were lazy and used the customer's bath towels as rags to mop up an overflowing toilet, showing the customer that your workers have rags of their own could set the homeowner's mind at ease and gain you a regular customer.


Along with rags go hygiene supplies, such as booties for workers to wear when working in dirty conditions so that the workers don't track dirt through a customer's clean house, paper towels, hand sanitizer, soap, and so on. These let the plumber stay clean without having to use up any of the customer's hygiene items, too.

First Aid

Plumbing repairs at a typical home aren't known as dangerous undertakings, but if a tool slips and cuts a worker, having bandages, antibacterial ointment, and more minor first-aid supplies on hand are better for your worker. You don't want your workers risking infection because they couldn't protect a wound.

Before you head off to a big box store to get these supplies, check plumbing supply stores. You may find bulk supplies that are in packaging that makes the supplies easier to carry around from job to job. You may also see other supplies that you know would make your workers' lives a lot easier.