Have you spotted a puddle in a basement corner? Is the front of your house starting to look like a water park? It could be that you are having a serious waterproofing issue that needs to be handled, like, yesterday. If you notice any of these signs, it could be time to get in touch with a contractor to address some of your waterproofing needs. You may not notice all these drainage problems right away -- and that should be a serious issue.

1. Close Downspouts

If your downspouts dump off all the water right in front of your house, you probably have a problem. Your foundation will take quite a pounding from all this water, and you may start to find the water making its way into your basement and ruining boxed items and flooring. Gutter extensions are an easy fix for waterproofing your home from the outside in, preventing foundation wall cracks.

2. Basement Water Stains

Noticed anything strange in the basement lately? It could be that you are facing some surface water issues, or something worse like traveling water deep underground. If water is seeping into the foundation and leaving visible stains, it could be that you have a poor slope outside. Fixing this issue could solve your problems, but there is also the event that your issue is caused by the water table changing. An interior draining system, which can be costly, is probably your best bet.

3. Foundation Cracks

Any crack in the foundation is a bad sign, but most will not lead to anything terrible. It is when these cracks grow longer that it becomes a problem. Once you spot a crack, ensure that you keep up with it. In many cases, simply caulking or cementing the crack is a good fix. Other times, cracks can indicate a drainage issue which can severely affect the foundation. This can be expensive, but it is necessary.

4. Mildew Up High

It's not only the basement that deserves your attention. It's also the attic. Mildew is a huge sign that you might have an issue -- and it's time to take action now. It could be that you have mildew caused by a bathroom fan spitting up air without proper condensation, but it could also be that you have moisture rising from the basement and causing dampness in the air. Finding the source is essential, especially if you don't want to pay for a new roof right now. 

The sooner you take action, the better your chances of waterproofing your home without having to replace anything will be. Talk to a contractor today about your options.

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