Investing in a new roof can be a great way to ensure that your home remains protected against moisture damage in the future. Ensuring that you are prepared to survive the roofing process requires that you take some important steps before your contractor arrives.

Here are three simple things that you can do to reduce the inconvenience associated with having a roofing contractor replace your home's roofing system in the future.

1. Cover furniture items with drop cloths.

As your roofing contractor works to tear off old roofing materials and replace them with new ones, you may find that some dust falls from your home's ceiling and onto your furnishings.

If you don't want this dust to create a cleaning hassle or ruin valuable items, it can be beneficial to cover your furniture items with drop cloths before your roofing contractor arrives. Protecting your furniture from dust will make it easier to clean up your home once a roof replacement is complete.

2. Remove ceiling fans and light fixtures.

Your roofing contractor will bring a team of skilled laborers with him or her to help expedite the process of replacing your home's roof. Having access to more workers makes the replacement go by quicker, but it also means that there will be more people walking around on the surface of your home's roof.

If you are concerned that the vibrations from the foot traffic will compromise the safety of your ceiling fans and light fixtures, you should take the time to remove these items prior to the arrival of your roofing contractor. Taking down ceiling fans and light fixtures prevents these items from being jarred loose during your roof replacement.

3. Make room for a large dumpster.

A roofing contractor will bring a large dumpster to your home to ensure that old roofing materials can be disposed of quickly and efficiently. You can help to expedite the replacement process by ensuring that your contractor has a place to put this large dumpster.

Clearing space in your driveway or ensuring that there is room on the curb for the dumpster prior to the arrival of your contractor will allow the contractor to begin the process of replacing your roof as quickly as possible.

Being prepared for a roof replacement requires some planning and forethought. Protect your furnishings by covering them with drop cloths, remove light fixtures and ceiling fans to prevent breakage, and clear a space for a large dumpster to help facilitate your roof replacement in the future.