Problems with your plumbing, such as slow flowing drains and sewage backups can be a sign of a bigger problem in your home's sewer lines or the main sewer pipe leading out to the city's sewer line. Often, you can remedy plumbing clogs on your own, but sometimes you will need to hire a professional plumber with their knowledge and specialized tools to help you remedy and repair the problem. Here is some insight to help you know when you need to hire a professional plumber for your plumbing problems.

Your Home is an Older Home

Having an older home can be an indicator that your sewer problem may be related to similarly-aging sewer lines. Many older homes built in the mid-1900s and before were installed with sewer pipes made of materials that were not built to last as long as your home has before needing replacement. When your house outlasts the sewer pipes, due to their becoming compressed, collapsed, and deteriorated, your home's sewer can back up into your home. 

Hire a professional plumber to inspect your sewer lines and especially your sewer main running out to the city's sewer connection to verify the line's condition. They will complete this by first, clearing the line with their plumbing snake, then using a wireless camera to inspect the interior of the line. This will give them a visual of the pipe's interior condition and even what type of material the pipe is made of.

There are many types of sewer cleaning snakes you can buy to use on your own, but they may not be long enough to reach the length of your home's sewer main line. And having the ability to see the interior of your sewer line is a big advantage to calling a professional.

Your Yard is Landscaped With Trees

Your home that has been beautifully landscaped with mature trees can cause problems with the home's main sewer line running beneath your yard, as their roots can grow into and clog up the line. Tree roots seek out nutrients and moisture in the soil, and the smallest crack within the sewer line connection will provide a space for a tree root to grow within and grow explosively. This, unfortunately, will not allow your home's sewage to flow through the pipe, causing slow flowing drains and sewage backing up in basement drains.

However, you can call a professional plumber to inspect the line with their camera and clear out the root growth with their snake. Because the roots will regrow within the sewer line and re-block the pipe, you will need to either replace the sewer pipe with one that is not cracked or treat the interior of your sewer pipe with sodium chloride crystals. Sodium chloride crystals will kill off the root growth inside your pipes without killing your yard's trees and you can find them at most home improvement stores. Flush several cups down the toilet and allow it to remain in the line overnight without flushing any additional water into your plumbing.

Use this insight to help you know when it is recommended to hire a professional plumbing contractor