When it comes to taking care of your concrete foundation, you need to keep it clean as clean as possible. But, besides just keeping your concrete clean, you also need to repair cracks if they start to grow. Small pressure cracks can grow in your concrete foundation. Usually, these cracks are so small that they don't have any affect on the concrete. In fact, they are so small that you wouldn't even be able to patch them if you wanted to. However, as soon as a crack is about 1/8" wide, you should consider patching it. This article explains why it is so important to patch small cracks, and the best tools and supplies for doing so.

Small cracks might be inconsequential at first. They won't really affect anything on your concrete, besides they look ugly. But, cracks can grow, and they almost always will over time. Usually, especially if you constantly walk on that concrete, the edges of the crack can wear down, causing it to get even wider. Remember, at one point this crack was probably so small that it was just 1/100" wide. So, you want to fill the crack before it grows to be a full inch wide.

Applying the Patch

Filling such small cracks is very simple, and you can use an over-the-counter concrete patch, which is easy to work with. If you ever patched wood, patching concrete is not going to be much different. First, you should use a scrub brush to clean out your crap. You obviously want to make sure there are no weeds and plants growing out of the crack. Now that the crack is clean, you can apply the crack filler or patch with a putty knife.

It is important to note that you can find both crack filler and patch at home improvement stores. Both are equally effective, but crack filler is usually a little more watery. This means it might be more suitable for really small cracks. If you fill a crack filler, and you are pleased with results, you can try to fill your next crack with a concrete patch to see if it works better.

You also need to remember that filling the cracks is not going to necessarily hide them. Over time, your existing concrete will have faded and picked up stains. This means that the new patch is probably not going to match. However, a mismatched but patched crack is going to look much better than one that is not patched at all.

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