When you order concrete from a company, it is generally delivered via a truck. There are actually different ways though to unload concrete from a truck. The five most common ways to unload concrete from a truck are the direct unloading, pump, crane bucket, wheel-barrow, and buggy. 

#1 Direct Unloading 

The fastest way to unload concrete from a truck is with the direct method. With the direct method, the truck is backed up to the project and the form that the concrete is intended to go into, and the concrete is discharged directly from the back of the truck into the concrete form. There is no transportation of the concrete; it goes directly into the form.

#2 Pump

Oftentimes, a concrete truck can be backed right up to the form that the concrete needs to be poured into. If the truck cannot access the area where the concrete needs to go, a pump can be used to transport the concrete to its intended destination.

With a pump, an extended arm can be put in place and used to move the concrete from the truck to the concrete form. Generally, the pump is set up to go in the downward direction towards the concrete form. Pumps are also used when the ground is soft and you don't want to position the concrete truck next to the concrete form.

#3 Crane Bucket

A crane bucket works really similarly to a pump. However, with a crane bucket, the concrete is carried from the truck to the concrete form in an upward manner. A crane bucket works when you need to discharge the concrete somewhere that is at a higher elevation than the truck. A crane bucket, just like a pump, also works really well when you can't get the truck closer to where the concrete needs to go due to ground conditions.

#4 Wheelbarrow

It is really common for concrete trucks to dump the concrete into a wheelbarrow, which someone then brings to the concrete form and pours into the intended location. When wheelbarrows are used, usually a team works together to pour the concrete. Multiple individuals work together using multiple wheelbarrows, going back and forth. With this method, concrete can easily be lost during the transportation process, so you'll want to order a little more than what you need.

#5 Buggy

A buggy is a wheelbarrow that is motorized. It basically speeds up the wheelbarrow process by making it faster to transport the wheelbarrow from the truck to the concrete form. With a buggy, you don't have to depend upon someone's strength to move and balance the wheelbarrow; the buggy will move itself. You just have to steer it. This can help speed up the process when you need to manually move the concrete from the concrete truck to the site.

The method that you use to unload concrete from a truck really depends upon where you need the concrete to go and the access to that location. Direct unloading is possible when the truck can pull right up to the site. A pump or a crane bucket works when the concrete pour site is close but the truck can't access it. A wheel-barrow or buggy unloading systems works best when the concrete needs to go inside or far away. Talk to a concrete expert like those at P & L Concrete Products Inc. to determine the best unloading method for your situation.