Homes in rural areas often rely on private wells to supply their potable water. It can be easy for a homeowner to take well water for granted. Unfortunately, water tables can fluctuate and wells can run dry.

It's critical that you are able to spot the early warning signs of low water levels in your well. This will give you time to find a suitable place to drill a new well for your home.

Air in the Water

One of the earliest signs that your well may be starting to run dry is the appearance of more air in your water supply. You will notice that faucets sputter and spout when you turn their handles. This sputtering is an indication that there is air in your water supply.

As the water table drops, your well pump will suck up both water and air. This aerated water is delivered throughout your home, lowering water quality and often causing a drop in water pressure. If you notice air in your water, take a close look at the amount of water left in your well.

Longer Pump Cycles

Pay attention to pump cycles if you want to gather valuable information about the condition of your well water system. The length of time the pump cycles can reveal a lot about water levels within the well itself.

High water tables allow the pump to cycle for a short period of time. As the water table drops, the pump will need to cycle for a longer period of time to fill your pressure tank fully. A sudden change in pump cycle times could be a sign that your well is beginning to dry up.

Delayed Water Pressure

Once you turn on a tap in your home, you expect water to be delivered with relative force. Your well may be starting to dry up if you notice that there is a lag between the turn of a faucet handle and the delivery of pressurized water.

Water that has been pulled from a well by your pump is housed in a pressure tank. The water from the pressure tank is then delivered throughout your home. Low water levels in the well often mean low water levels in the pressure tank, which can cause a delay in water pressure.

Take the time to check your well-s water table when you start noticing pressure problems to determine if the well is drying up. Contact a service, like Golden Gate Well Drilling & Water Conditioning, for more help.