No matter what type of renovations you are doing, asbestos can be a serious hazard that you need to deal with. In commercial renovations, you may be required to remove all the asbestos materials that you encounter. This means that you will need to have your business tested and get the materials appropriately removed. The following tips will help you with the asbestos removal that needs to be done during commercial renovations:  

The Fireproofing and Insulation Manufactured With Asbestos  

One of the most common materials that contains asbestos and needs to be removed from buildings is asbestos insulation. This type of insulation has been used a fire retardant in commercial buildings. Therefore, if you are doing commercial renovations, you will want to remove the asbestos insulation and fireproofing from buildings to ensure that they are safe and that there are no hazards from dust caused by asbestos insulation products.  

Dealing With Containing Asbestos Cleanup in a Commercial Business  

One of the challenges that you will have to meet when cleaning up asbestos materials in a commercial building is containing the materials. Often in residential projects, you could just move out of your home during the process. If you are still doing business during the process of removing asbestos insulation and other materials, you will need to seal off the contaminated areas from areas of buildings that are still being used.   

Solid Asbestos Materials That Can Sometimes Be Covered Instead of Removed  

Sometimes, there are asbestos materials that are solid products that, if left alone, will not cause particles and dust that cause health hazards. These materials include exterior materials like roofing and siding but can also include materials like tiles inside your business. It is often best to cover and seal these materials if you are not planning on removing them. Doing this will ensure that the particles do not get disturbed and become a component in the airborne dust around your building.   

Testing the Materials That You Are Not Sure About When Doing Commercial Renovations  

There may also be materials that you are not sure about when doing commercial renovations, which means that testing needs to be done. You want to test materials like old wall texturing and other products that may cause dust that can be a hazard if it contains asbestos particles.  

These are some tips to help you with the asbestos removal that needs to be done during commercial building renovations. If you need help dealing with hazardous materials when renovating your business, contact a commercial asbestos removal service or visit websites like