Bringing a design build home builder in on a project is a very specific choice about where you want it to go. Custom homes demand a lot of attention, and it's a good idea to think about whether using the design build process is right for what you have in mind. Let's look at the reasons someone might choose to deal with a custom home builder.

The Dream Home

Few people are going to look through the catalog of options at a modular home company and see their dream home sitting right there. It's tautological to say so, but custom means custom. If you want a bigger ceiling, you're probably going to have to customize. Similarly, many energy-efficient features aren't offered as out-of-the-box building solutions. It takes planning and coordination to create your dream house.

Bear in mind, it's perfectly fine to just build a house using standard blueprint in many situations. That's your right, and folks who are comfortable with that may want to consider using a more conventional process.

Unique Locations

Some sites don't lend themselves to standardized building practices. Design build homes allow families to look at the unique qualities of a property and decide how to accommodate them. This can be especially useful when dealing with unusual lots, such as ones that are narrow or that have major water features.

A Different Process

Design build is a particular process meant to streamline work. By putting the entirety of a job under one roof, it speeds things up. Knowing that the builders and the designers are all part of one team can allow you to be more responsive, especially on custom projects. If an engineering issue appears out of nowhere, you won't have to get an architect and a general contractor to exchange a bunch of texts and emails just to set up a meeting to discuss revisions. The team will be right there to answer questions and solve problems.

Accountability is also built into the process. Builders can't blame designers because they work for one company, and they're all going to be held accountable if something doesn't work right. The goal of a custom home builder using this process is to have everyone pulling in the same direction.

One Contract

There's a lot to be said for signing a single contract, especially if you're trying to line up financing. Once you have the money ready, executing a project is as simple as signing on the line.